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Local 1-425 Officers & Staff

Paul French, President
Paul French has been an advocate for the local union and the community for over 30 years. While starting his union advocacy in plywood manufacturing as a shop steward, Paul routinely became a voice for workers at the Williams Lake Plywood. Paul worked his way up through a number of levels on the plant committee became a United Steelworkers Local 1-425 Executive Board Member and later their Recording Secretary. From 1994 through to 1996, Paul was the Past Service Representative for the IWA Forest Industry Pension Plan looking after Northern BC, and ran successfully as a Williams Lake City Councilor - an elected position that Paul held for 15 years.

Brad Mores, Financial Secretary
Brad feels that now than ever, our union needs to grow and continue to get stronger. As First Vice-President of the Local , he will challenge unfair work practices, fight for bargaining rights, and work at lessening worksite accidents. Brad, an employee of West Fraser Williams Lake Planer for thirteen years, was Co-Chair of the Williams Lake Planer Plant Committee and formerly the Second Vice President of Local Union. A graduate of both WCB Appeals Level One Training and the USW Recording Secretary course, Brad is a team player and is prepared to lead the union towards a stronger future.

Mark Bissat, 1st Vice President
While representing USW members at the West Fraser 100 Mile House Lumber in 100 Mile House, Mark has been a strong advocate for the union for a number of years. A more extensive bio for Mark will be available here soon.

Jason Hughes, 2nd Vice-President

Danae Moore, 3rd Vice-President

George Matias, 4th Vice-President

Mike Christensen, Recording Secretary

Jessica Garreau, Warden

Rod Zuke, Conductor

Lynda Fisher, Office Support Staff

Zelda Prokosh, Office Support Staff


Local 1-425 Executive Board Members


Board Member

Atlantic Power

Dave Archer

Interior Health Williams Lake

Courtney Chourney

Interior Health 100 Mile House

Sonja Goleski

Mount Polley Mining

Todd Marchant & Dallas Wehlen

Parallel Wood Products

Jody MacIsaac

Tolko industries - Lakeview

Mike French & Mitch VanDale

Tolko Industries - Soda Creek

Gary McCauley and Surinderpal Rathor

West Fraser - Williams Lake Planer

Kerry Wiwchar

West Fraser - Williams Lake Plywood

Colin Clarke & Phil Duquette

West Fraser - 100 Mile House Lumber

Steve Glen


Local 1-425 History

For years leading up to 1977, the members of Local 1-425 formed an important part of Local 1-424 which was located in Prince George. The formation of this Local started with just lunchroom discussions and moved to become a reality in a newly formed Local union of the IWA in June 1977.

After establishing the Local, the real work started and continued with a strong commitment to improving the benefits and working conditions of its members. As a result of the Local Union being a new kid-on-the-block, many of the Williams Lake area companies felt the new Local Union and its officers needed an education on just who was going to run the show. After about nine years and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in court, the companies came to realize that Local 1-425 was not going to roll over and play dead. The Companies also came to the understanding that they needed the IWA and it's members for a voice and power to counter the problems concerning the land base and the strong possibility of companies losing their right to harvest timber.

Local 1-425 built a tremendous amount of respect from the forest companies and other Local Unions. Over the years, Local 1-425 has ventured into many uncharted waters. The Local has expressed both a boldness in trying out new ideas and a willingness to challenge any task that might assisted our members in the long term. Needless to say, it was a rocky road in the early 1970's.

Between 100 Mile House and Williams Lake, local union members held the record for walk-outs and sit-downs in a given year; a record that stands to this very day. While these were extremely tough times for everyone, the large amount of pain gave way to a lot of gain for our members. Local 1-425 a still one of the most aggressive and pro-active local unions in USW Wood Council and continue to work together with sisters and brothers in other USW Local Unions. Through this action, the local will ensure that the members remain strong and focused to meet the many challenges ahead.

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