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BC Interior Bargaining Bulletins from

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 Local Updates

April 19, 2013

USW Members Endorse Demands at BC Interior Wage & Contract Conference

Yesterday, USW members from the BC Interior forest industry met in Kamloops to endorse their bargaining demands for 2013 negotiations. These bargaining demands resulted from a time-consuming process where union members expressed their needs in what they desire for their next collective agreement.

Mitch Van Dale - Tolko Lakeview DelegateOver the past couple of months, union members in the southern and northern Interior deliberated locally over their bargaining demands and from these local union meetings, official demands in the form of resolutions were brought forward for debate at the Wage & Contract Conference. Throughout the conference, delegates from the five local unions collectively debated, lobbied, substituted, rejected and accepted various demands and a final list of forty-six proposals were ratified.

Earlier in the week, the Provincial Negotiating Committee (PNC) met to consolidate and reduce the list of resolutions down to a programmatic list in preparation for the conference. The PNC consists of USW Wood Council Chair, Bob Matters; Local 1-405 President, Doug Singer; Local 1-417 President, Marty Gibbons; Local 1-423 President, Pat McGregor; Local 1-424 President Frank Everitt; Local 1-425 President, Paul French. The PNC is also assisted by John Mountain from the Burnaby District 3 office.

Thanks are offered to all the local union delegates who participated in the process to develop demands for the upcoming round of bargaining. The PNC intents to meet with research and legal staff over the next two months in order to develop the union’s formal contract proposals based on the member’s demands. You can expect further bulletins as we get closer to negotiations.

Collective agreements with forest industry companies – Canadian Forest Products, West Fraser, International Forest Products, CONIFER member companies, IFLRA member companies, and a number of significant independent companies – come to term in the Interior on June 30th.  ^top

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